Reliable Chimney Sweeping & Liner Installation

Keep your systems in functional condition with chimney sweeping and liner installation from Doctor Soot Chimney Service in Wappingers, Falls, New York. We provide the services your home needs.

Superior Services

Our company offers a wide selection of highly efficient Regency, Vermont Castings, Pacific Energy, St. Croix, Napoleon, and Thelin wood, pellet, and gas stoves and fireplaces. We believe and stand behind all of our product lines and services. 

Additionally, we provide service and installation of all the products we offer. All of our installations are per current code, including the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) code 211 standards. Services include:

• Fireplace & Wood, Pellet, & Gas Stove Cleaning • Flashing Repair
• Furnace Flue Cleaning
• Stainless Steel Liners & Caps
• Dryer Vent Cleaning
• Chimney Installations
• Chimney Extensions
• Animal Removal
• Inspections
• Waterproofing
• Masonry Repair
Matt and Truck - Chimney Sweeping

Chimney Sweeps

This service includes the sweeping of the chimney shaft, brushing, and vacuuming of the smoke chamber, damper, and firebox, and a visual evaluation of the firebox and shaft interior. Oral reports are available as well.

Liner Installs

Chimneys with a damaged or missing liner can allow heat to move quickly into adjacent woodwork. Clay flue tiles or stainless steel may be used to line masonry chimneys. Factory-built chimneys must be relined with a factory-approved metal chimney system.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Lint collects in clothes dryer vents, and is a major cause of slow drying time. In cases of severe blockage, a dryer motor can overheat or the lint may catch fire. A thorough cleaning with a rotating brush will clean through right angles and remove trapped lint.

Spark Arrestors & Caps

A chimney cap will stop most rainwater from entering your chimney, and spark arrestors are a minimum fire safety requirement. They consist of a half-inch mesh screen, and are present in the design of most caps. Special air-cooled caps are needed for factory-built chimneys. Cost varies with size, and depends on the type of system.

Contact us in Wappingers Falls, New York, to better your home with chimney sweeping and liner installations.